Titan Images 2022

The image in the upper part of this table represents a raw view of Titan acquired from the Cassini spacecraft on December 30, 2015. The view whose file name is N00253698.jpg was captured on the basis of the CL1 filter and of the CB3 filter. The image had not been validated or calibrated at the time of the observation and a validated or calibrated version was going to be archived with the Planetary Data System proposed by NASA. One can notice a sharp contrast between relatively bright areas and relatively dark areas in particular. The image in the lower part of the table represents a colorized version of the original view.

Credit for the original view: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.
Credit for the colorization process of the original view: Marc Lafferre, 2022.



The image above represents a portion of a radar swath of Titan obtained from the Cassini spacecraft during the T126 Flyby of April 21, 2017. The file name of the original radar image is BIFQI64N243_D285_T126S01_V02.jpg. Each side of the portion of the radar swath is about 100 kilometers long. One can notice a relatively round lake which seems relatively isolated even if some drainage channels can be discerned in the area. The maximum length of the lake is approximately 25 kilometers. Is there a cryovolcanic source to that lake ? Is that lake purely related to meteorological phenomena ?

Credit for the original image: PDS Image Atlas.
Montage credit: Marc Lafferre, 2022.



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