Titan Data Board


Dynamical and physical data:

Equatorial Diameter 5150 km
Mass 1.35e+23
Mean density 1.88 g / cm3, 1880 kg / m3
Equatorial surface gravity 1.35 m / s2
Escape velocity 2.65 km / sec
Atmospheric pressure at surface level 1.5 bars
Mean surface temperature 94 K, -179° C, -290° F
Visual Geometric Albedo 0.21
Mean Distance from Sun 1427 million km, 9.539 AU
Mean Distance from Saturn 1 221 850 km
Orbital Period around Sun 29.458 years
Rotation Period 15.945 days
Orbital Period around Saturn 15.945 days
Mean Orbital Velocity 5.58 km / sec
Orbital eccentricity 0.0292
Orbital inclination relative to Saturn's equatorial plane 0.33 degrees
Obliquity or inclination of the equator to the orbital plane 26.7 degrees
Magnitude in visible light at opposition 8.28

Chemical and geological data:

Composition of the atmosphere


Nitrogen ( N2 up to 95%), methane (CH4 up to 5%), Argon ( up to 6% )...
Depth of the atmosphere Up to 730 km
Surface composition Frozen carbon dioxyde?, water ice?, frozen rich ammonia?, liquid methane?, liquid ethane?, hydrocarbon rich ocean?, volcanic crust?, sulfur?...
Highest mountain or volcano ?
Meteorology Cloud formations in the south pole and at mid latitudes in the southern hemisphere in eastward directions. Cloud formation engulfing the north polar region. Cloud outbursts at mid latitudes?


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